Modification of Custody and Child Support

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Even if the Court has previously ruled on child custody and/or child support issues, the circumstances of the parties often change. One or both parties may be making substantially more than they did when the Court set child support. One of the parties may have moved – or wants to move – with the child. A parent may have a new “significant other” who should not be around the child. A parent may succumb to substance abuse. If your circumstances have change, then you may need to modify the Court Order.

It is important to note that if one parent wishes to move with the child, your timeline for action is short. You should consult an experienced Attorney as soon as possible, in order to protect your legal rights as a parent.

If you are trying to be a parent when the other parent has significant substance abuse or emotional issues, you know how painful this situation can be for your child and for you as a parent. You need to modify the Custody Order, in order to protect the best interests of your child. Successful representation in a child custody case requires the knowledge and experience that you and your child need and deserve. When you hire us, we offer that knowledge and experience to you.

In Child Support cases, it is very common that one party underreports their income, especially if they own a closely-held business. Also, earnings often fluctuate, based upon bonuses, commissions, etc. You need an attorney who can ascertain and set the actual income of a parent, when setting or modifying child support.

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Our office has the expertise to get you the results you need, in your child support or child custody action. If we cannot settle your case through aggressive representation and negotiation outside of the Courtroom – WE WILL TRY YOUR CASE.

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