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Every Case is Important

Every client and every case is unique and important to us. We handle any and all types and sizes of divorce cases.

Military Divorces

As a former USAF JAG, Carlton Folsom has handled hundreds of military divorces. If you are active duty military, retired military, or the spouse of active duty or retired military member, you need an attorney experienced in Military Retired Pay and military benefits such as medical benefits and the Survivor Benefit Plan (“SBP”).

divorcedHigh Asset Divorce

Mr. Folsom handles divorces where the parties have significant assets, 401K/pensions, IRAs, stocks, and closely held businesses. These cases often involve the valuation of assets such as real estate, businesses, investments, and pensions. Let us use our experience in successfully handling the division of assets for you.

Subsequent Marriages/Premarital or Separate Assets

Spouses often carry significant assets into a marriage. This most often occurs when there is a second or subsequent marriage. It can also happen when a party inherits assets, or when a party has been a professional or business owner for some time prior to entering into the marriage. The parties often intermingle these assets during the marriage. Untangling these assets, placing an accurate value upon them, and dividing them properly requires an attorney experienced in handling the disposition of premarital or separate assets.

Child Custody and Child Support

Child Custody and Child Support issues can become the most contentious and emotionally heated aspects of a divorce. You need an attorney who can work out these issues through negotiation, and if negotiation is unsuccessful, try your case before the Court. You owe it to yourself and your children to hire an attorney with the experience to aggressively represent you and give you the advice that you need during these emotionally taxing proceedings. Your children’s future and financial well-being - and your future - hang in the balance. We have successfully tried hundreds of child support and child custody cases, on behalf of both mothers and fathers.

Attorney's Fees

Georgia law provides that a spouse may request and receive attorney’s fees from the other party, as part of the divorce proceedings. It is important to note that this does not mean that our firm will accept cases without payment of an initial retainer. However, we are well aware that there is often an enormous difference in the relative assets and income of the parties, especially in high asset divorce cases. Carlton Folsom is experienced in requesting and obtaining Court Orders for attorney fees to paid by the other party, in order to level the playing field during a divorce.

Additionally, Georgia law provides that the Court may order the other party to pay some of your attorney’s fees from the other party, in custody and child support matters. That does not mean that the Courts award attorney’s fees in all such cases, or that you are likely to recover 100% of your fees in your case – every case is different. You need an attorney that gives you the best possibility of recovering some – if not most - of your attorney’s fees in your custody or child support case. Carlton Folsom has recovered attorney’s fees for many clients, in child custody and child support modification cases.


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